Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

First, do no harm

Healing power of nature

Treat the whole person

Treat the cause 

Doctor as teacher


Follow the evidence

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Why Naturopathic Medicine?

An Integrated Aproach

Naturopath Victoria Therapeutic

Naturopathic Treatment Modalities 

Fresh Produce



Utilizing an array of therapeutic diets including Paleo, Keto, Plant-based, Mediterranean, and intermittent fasting to help you reach your nutrition goals.

Yoga Class

Physical Medicine & Movement

Movement as medicine comes in all forms. Find out which forms may fit you and your health goals best. 

Cosmetic Oils

Botanical Medicine & Supplementation

Effective, evidence-based and safe herbal medicine prescribing are fundamental to supporting optimal health. 


Acupuncture, IMS, Cupping 

From traditional style, to dry needling and electro-stimulation, acupuncture is a wonderful tool for managing stress, reducing chronic pain, and may help in build greater mental and physical resilience. 

Vitamins and pills

Drug Therapies & IV Nutrient therapy 

As an ND I understand the value of pharmaceutical medications when they are required. Knowing how and when to use them appropriately is integral to comprehensive integrative patient care. 

Blood Pressure Exam

Shared Decision Making

First and foremost, I strive to inform and empower my patients to be active participants in their healthcare. Getting to know my patients values and goals are a prerequisite to any treatment. 

Naturopathic Medical Services

Common Conditions Treated