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Medicine that fits your schedule

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Can’t make it into the doctor’s office or can't get in?

I’m excited to be offering medical appointments from the comfort of your own home. 


Now offering online consulting to patients across BC.

I want to make Naturopathic Medical services accessible and available to all!


Simple. Secure.

How it works: 

Exactly the same as your standard office visit, but from the comfort of your own home!

   1. Book your Telemedicine visit online  

You will receive a welcome email with details on intake forms and where and how to access your doctor via Telemedicine.


 2. Click the emailed link to fill out the information on the online intake form. Review and sign the Telemedicine Consent forms.


All information is kept completely private and confidential. 

3. Go to the link provided to your email for your online consultation link via JaneApp. You may be required to download chrome web browser


Please make sure you have a strong internet connection and are in a private, quiet location for your consultation.  

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 4. Enjoy secure, high-quality online video conferencing with your physician when you need it, how you need it. 

BONUS: Naturopathic Telemedicine is covered by many extended health insurance plans, so you can have your health and your wealth!

Common Questions Regarding Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the use of distant-naturopathic health care by utilizing audio and video-conferencing as a means to conduct naturopathic consultations with patients. 

Why use Telemedicine? 

  • Great for rural locations with minimal access to Naturopathic Medical Services

  • Minimize travel burden and expenses, Reduces CO2 emissions 

  • Convenient, accessible naturopathic primary care options for British Columbians 

Is Naturopathic Telemedicine Covered by My Extended Health Insurance Plan?

The likely answer is Yes! If you have Naturopathic medical coverage, your plan likely includes Telemedicine for ND visits. You can always contact me or your insurance provider to find out what type of coverage you may have. 


Insurance Providers Covering Naturopathic Telemedicine Services:

  •  Canada Life (formerly called Great-West Life)

  •  Co-operators 

  •  Desjardins 

  •  Green Shield Canada 

  •  Manulife 

  •  Pacific Blue Cross 

  •  RWAM 

  •  Sun Life 

  • And more!

What Platforms are Required to use Telemedicine? 

  • Telemedicine is made quick and easy by utilizing Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) compliant platforms that protect your privacy.

  • JaneApp is used as a primary means to communicate with your physician (messaging, file sharing, etc.) and booking your appointments. JaneApp also has a telemedicine online video conferencing platform used to conduct the consultations. You will be provided a link to your appointment for your virtual consultation where your doctor will greet you. 


What Do I need for Telemedicine as a Patient? 

You will be required to have access to either a smart-phone (audio and video capabilities) or computer, as well as a secure internet connection (strong wifi or direct internet connection). Additionally, you should be in a private, quiet room for your consultation to maximize clear communication and ensure your privacy (i.e., not in a public space such as a library). 


How Do I Book my Telemedicine Appointment? 

Bookings can be made online at JaneApp (click here). You will be greeted with a welcome email and will be asked to fill out an initial intake form. This intake form will only be viewed by your naturopathic physician. You can also re-book follow up appointments at your convenience through this online booking system. 


What About any Prescriptions or Supplement Recommendations?

Prescriptions from your Doctor can be faxed or called into any BC pharmacy for you to access. Just inform your physician of the pharmacy of your choice and we can send over your prescription for you to fill locally. 


Supplements can be accessed through an online ordering system and will be shipped directly to your door. Your doctor will prescribe you specific recommendations based on your case, and you can access your prescription online by following the link provided by your doctor. Supplements usually take 7-10 business days to arrive at your door. Alternatively, you can speak to your doctor about accessing supplements through a local health store or integrative pharmacy. 

Have more questions? Contact the clinic for more information on Telemedicine!

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